DEEP-RAFT aims to reach healthcare providers who could be involved both organizing, but also participating in workshops and educational events in order to fill gaps in the clinical practice on the field of AF and VTE. More specifically, the project targets healthcare professionals, general practitioners, cardiovascular specialists, haematologists and other healthcare experts and decision-makers, involved in the care of patients with AF and VTE, as well as pre and post-graduate medical students. This target audience is accessible from the DEEP-RAFT consortium through the reach of the academic institutions, which constitute it.

Doctors and healthcare professionals will participate in workshops and Infodays, organized as satellite events in short and large national scale or in international scientifically relevant conferences in order to cover the knowledge gap both about screening AF/VTE solutions and educational methods, as well as to novel therapeutic options, such as NOACs. They will also interact with the primary stakeholders -patients and their caregivers, in both events and through the social community, providing knowledge, education and consultation. The developed educational tools in the co-creation workshops could be embedded in national and international meetings, such as national Arrhythmia meetings, Schools on the Science and Practice of Venous Thromboembolism, National Cardiology and Internal Medicine Congresses, etc.

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DeepRaft Project, funded by Independent medical educational grants to support innovative educational and quality improvement initiatives in AF and VTE (EQUATE), Pfizer grant ID:42537945